19th Century Hand Thrown Boulins or Nesting pots from a Dovecote

Stock Number: 3402

Pair of late 19th century hand thrown terracotta Boulin or nesting pots for doves in the dovecote, These lay on their side and are rendered into the interior side wall on top of one another with a lime mortar to secure them. The doves use them to nest in, the largest of dovecotes can have upwards of 1000 contained within their walls. Although painstakingly removed, many are damaged in the process, however once removed often they are in absolutely pristine condition from being protected by the mortar which also leaves soft ancient patination. Provenance Removed and cleaned 2022 during restoration of a 18th Century Dovecote in the grounds of a large rural village house in Burgundy. Priced as a pair.
Dimensions: 28cm (H) x 24cm (W) x 24cm (D)    Show in inches

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