Pair of Small Gallo Roman Head White Terracotta Fragments

Stock Number: 3427

Head of a female statuette in terracotta. This figurine was molded since we can still see the slip net which was at the meeting point of the two molds. The paste is white-beige and very hard. The statuette offers a pleasant oval face, with regular features. The eyes are well rendered, the pupils are not represented. The chin and face is voluminous. The beginning of the neck seems to indicate exaggerated proportions. The hair remains the piece of choice especially on the larger fragment. The hair, separated into two networks by a middle parting, descends in supple bands around the forehead and rises in rolls on each side, hiding the ears. The back side shows the hair raised forming waves up to the top, where they are grouped in an elegant knot, held in place by a double tie. This type of hairstyle was in vogue at the beginning of the 2nd century. Gallo Roman 3rd Century AD. Provenance Private Paris Collection since 1960.
Dimensions: 5cm (H) x 3cm (W) x 1cm (D)    Show in inches

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