Early 20th Century Collection of Natural Mineral, Coral and Fossil Specimens

Stock Number: 3716

Early 20th Century Collection of Small Natural Minerals, Corals and Fossils. Each mounted onto a small oak stand for display with their original labels. 18 in total. France, Circa 1930 -1950. Including Cactus Coral, Blue Coral, Fluorite, Red Jasper, Desert Rose, Malachite x 2, Calcite Geode, Biotite Mica, Amber, Fushite, Galena, Hematite, Labradorite, Spinel, lepidolite, Peridot & Neuropteris Fossil. Measurments vary, listed measurement is taken from the Cactus Coral and includes the stand.
Dimensions: 7cm (H) x 5cm (W) x 3cm (D)    Show in inches

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