19th Century Rolo Marquetry Table of a Roman Charioteer

Stock Number: 3804

Late 19th Century Rolo Marquetry Table of a Roman Charioteer, Boldly turned decorated stem continuing to down swept legs. Italy, Circa 1880 Walnut & Maquetry Most likely a depiction of the celebrated Roman Charioteer Gaius Appuleius Diocles 104 - post 146 AD. Diocles usually raced four-horse chariots probably at the Circus Maximus the first and largest stadium in Ancient Rome and its Empire. Honorific inscriptions made in Rome during his lifetime state he had 1064 wins as a single. He won 1462 of his 4257 four horse races. It is believed Diocles was a low class citizen at best, but most likely a slave in his early career, being manumitted with ongoing duties to his patron.
Dimensions: 79cm (H) x 80cm (W) x 55cm (D)    Show in inches

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