A Fine 19th Century Noon Day Cannon

Stock Number: 3909

A Fine 19th Century Meridian or Noon Cannon, Large Marble Base into which is carved a sundial with a bronze Gnomen, also engraved is the operational latitude 48 50 13'. Mounted cannon with overhanging adjustable lense. The idea being the cannon is oriented along a North-South Axis at midday the sun passes through the lense and ignites the cannon. at midday. This still happens to this day in Nice, a marker of time acknowledging Midday each and everyday, as a time check for those who had pocket watches to calibrate, but also a guide for those who did not have watches to break for lunch. This example is smaller than the Nice Cannon and would have been an estate or Chateau Cannon and be set each morning if the weather was good enough to inform all those on the estate of the arrival of Midday. Excellent condition, some minor marks and blemishes to the marble, as intended this would have been taken outside daily rather than left outside permanently France, Circa 1850.
Dimensions: 29cm (H) x 39cm (W) x 33cm (D)    Show in inches

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